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Concept of Human Resources and Migration

In this project, we will focus on temporal analysis from past years to present on mass migration, brain drain, and other movements. (1) Based on data representing skills that the young generation are gaining, we can predict when the incoming generation will be capable of bringing transformation to Nation. (2) Based on the data of returning people and their skills, we can manage and implement the new plan in construction/business/innovation.

Concept of Corruption Detection

This project will use the simulator to create hypothetical data under a typical social, bureaucratic and political scenario. Simulated data will be used to create a complex network. Using Machine Learning techniques in the complex system, a corruption detection algorithm will be developed. The model will systematically study the networking and activities of the member up to the nth degree of relationship in the graph. For example, a politician's relative/friends within a sphere of influence, get an abrupt increase in property value will add the probability to the politician being corrupted.

Concept of Smart Governance

We will implement simulation and Machine Learning. This will be a toy model of sustainable development including entrepreneurship, health, and education. We will take a small population and recognize the most contributing features for example production, market value, public interest, cultural value, etc. Using a simulator, we will generate hypothetical entrepreneurship opportunity and integrate hypothetical health insurance and student loan in a single model. Features designed in the model are feed into a mathematical model for evolutionary simulation purpose. We will select a time frame of 5 to 10 years and view how a selection of different parameters controls the economic growth of the population. The result of this model will give us the idea of how can a community improve their financial condition along with secure health and education through entrepreneurship.

Concept of Smart Contract

In this project, we will implement simulation and Blockchain database. This will be a toy model of smart contract including production, supply chain and distribution. We will develop a toy model of blockchain database for internal transection. This model will show how blockchain database is capable to remove 'dalaals' from market.

Concept of Budget, Tax and Expenditure

In this project, we will focus on National Budget Data. There are some impressive data structure in governmental data blend with the bureaucratic tree structure. Based on past data on plan and expenditure, an AI-based algorithm can be developed to track how efficiently the government is making in the future budget.

Concept of Population Census

We will study open data available on population census and other exciting data regarding the temporal and spatial relationship. The study of poverty, literacy and time evolution of political attitude of large mass can be studied.

Concept of Social Network

We will use social network data for example what was the trend of #iamwithkpoli and #iamwithgovendakc in facebook and twitter. What would be the smart way to use the social network in diverse fields? This can help to target more vibrant group of people (based on age, region, and occupation) who can distribute our information much faster in case of emergency.