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First Announcement

We will make our first announcement at 15 August, 2018. We are constantly improving our learning platform and projects. We hope support and encouragement from all participants in our mission. If you are an expert in Data Science, you can help new beginners. If you are an expert at database and website design, we expect support from you to build much better platform.

Intern Assignment

We have focused the syllabus to include all members from beginner level to the advanced level. We think, after getting introduced, around the middle of the Jan will be best time to assign internship for the projects. Interns will help to clean the data and participate in model design.

Project Review - I

The first review of the project will be made.

Project Review - II

The second review of the project will be made.

Project Review - III

The third review of the projects will be made.

Results and Publication

We will summarize our work and turn it to a research paper or any other form ready for publication or as a video on youtube for public awareness. All participants involved in the projects will be equally acknowledged!

Final Anouncement & Closing

The conclusion will be made from work and the new plan will be announced if there is any!