In this project, we will focus on temporal analysis from past years to present on mass migration, brain drain, and other movements.

  • Manpower: Based on data representing skills that the young generation are gaining, we can predict when the incoming generation will be capable of bringing transformation to the nation.
  • Migration : Based on the data of people returning home and their skills, we can manage and implement the new plan in construction/business/innovation.

Manpower : This is a project based on simulated data of people currently growing up in the country. Based on their performance data and interest, we will develope a future profile.This will help us to figure out disbalance between available opportunities and over production.

Migration : This is a project based on simulated data of people returning to Nepal from diffirent countries. Based on their data (gender, area of involvement, skills and experience, amount of fund they allocate for entrepreneurship etc) saved in a remote database, we will create a dashboard for the general data view. This dashboard will utilize a data integration through MongoDB database and RESTful API built with Express.js.


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