Nepal Data Awareness An inspiration to Data Science Aspirants!

Dear Data Science Aspirants!

We are greatly excited with the new enthusiasm to inspire beginners in learning Data Science. Nepal Data Awareness is a self-motivated philanthropic movement where interested people can study, discuss and move forward by following our training syllabus. Each topic in training syllabus is designed with recommended free lectures from online courses form Cursera, edX, Uacity, etc. as well as informative tutorials and assigned projects. This platform is a self-paced syllabus. You can study as much as you pay your time. .

We are using slack as our discussion platform which will help you to solve your problem from your peers. Since there are more than two hundred participants, it is not possible to track everybody's progress. Once you feel confident with the subject matter, you can participate in our exciting projects based on open and simulated data. These projects are designed just for learning purpose with our slogan learn and rock!

Data Science is growing to become a massive demand in the coming future. Almost all sectors for example technology, entertainment, education, healthcare, business, etc. are evolving with new ideas in Artificial Intelligence(AI), BigData, Virtual Reality(VR), Internet of Thing (IoT), Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Personalized Medicine, etc.

If you are a beginner in this field and wondering how to start with, Nepal Data Awareness could be your starting platform to get introduced to Data Science. Nepal Data Awareness is a mission to teach more and more people about data science in the national, social and economic domain. All data used in our projects are open data and simulated data. We will put all our processed data and model open to the public. We are not any school, college or institution and also do not hold any responsibility for data security.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Nepal Data Awareness Team

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